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- Help Our Family Recover From a Major Loss -
August 13th, 2023
Chakra DJ & his family lost their home due to a fire.
ALL of Kamau's studio equipment, along with the family's household items
was completely lost or damaged.
Sharing in any way that you can helps as this loving family makes their transition into a permanent home & Minister Kamau back to fulfilling his purpose




Vibrate Higher

Sound is not pure sound. It is a rapid alternation of sound and silence...Only you must remember that the crest and the trough of a wave are inseparable.”

~`Alan Watts

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Chakra DJ's Medi Music Mixes
(avoid rigorous activities or driving while listening to these tracks)

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DJ Mixer

Special Calling to service.

Kamau Gr8 Whispering Panther, properly ascribed as The Chakra DJ has attached to his calling at an early era in his life.. 

He has provided the special service of sound remedy through the source of digital music access by pairing the shamanistic aspect of connecting into dimensions of sound and music while providing it to the masses in groups and individually.  

Personally taught of ancient wisdoms from variables of scholars that practice age-old healing methods which out-dates modern universities curriculum and resonates with the cosmic law of of the universe. 


Reflective off of the wisdom given by any notable scholar, or prophet, the essence of returning to one natural self,. The greatest teacher for Kamau has been Nature, LIFE and the Universities excelled from Existence itself.


Kamau the Chakra DJ carries a diverse background and expert skill-set in sound alchemy & the science of resonance.

Kamau infuses the lessons gained from his scholastic background as well as the antediluvian Hermetic principals of Vibration and the universal frequencies into most of his sets.

Kamau the Chakra DJ shares his craft locally or through an online platform through his business entity, "hi vi Lounge".

His ethos to music is that our mindset and our daily rituals and routines encompass around all things through the Cosmic Law of Vibration.

This knowledge is conveyed through his audio display.

The purpose Kamau the Chakra DJ promotes is to slow down, listen to the sounds and hear the music within Life itself.

Rest assured that you will be astonished by the energy Kamau the Chakra DJ brings to the scope.


What Does Kamau the Chakra DJ provide?

Kamau the CHAKRA DJ is available for any platform of festivities and events that promotes higher vibrational energy.

There is a unique quality to energetic sound he provides and after the extensive research of the healing essence of music and vibration, he considers this as a gift from his personal discoveries, unto you.

As much as Kamau the Chakra DJ enjoys the crowd energy and  waves of bodies, hearts, souls in enjoyment of his Medi-Sol Session Sets, he fancies providing one on one Medi-Music Mix healing sessions. With the use of sound isolating headphones wirelessly transmitted from his  controller (or whatever source he manipulates the music from), Kamau the Chakra DJ will attune your aura and biorhythms with special tuning tools. After each session, you will be feeling highly elated, while properly affixed spiritually.. 

Prior to adjustment, Kamau the Chakra DJ will become the ear you may need to hear of what your Cris' de Coeur bellows. A sense of intimacy is always provided regardless of the setting. In each session, you will gain the answers to which you've sought, or find yourself closer and closer to that query's resolve.

It is highly advised to book a sound session today.

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-Kamau the CHAKRA DJ-
Melody Magi -
Kamau Gr8 Whispering Panther

Concert Crowd


Chakra DJ is committed to working closely with healers to extend this gift. Chakra DJ connects with audience/clients to understand exactly what they require.

Even within a large crowd, Chakra DJ connects individually, with the use of beautiful blends and soundscapes his energy is omnipresent. 

The music he provides has aligned with his highest essence and he now provides that connection for your growth.

Chakra DJ has sharpened his expertise through both personal development, experiences and spiritual growth; all necessary for his passion which evolved his purpose.

Connect with Chakra to have your greatest expectations met.


unique Personal sound Healing Session

This service consist of individual or smaller group sound healing sessions using applied bio-acoustic frequencies either of binaural or alpha to delta soundwaves; solfeggio & mega-hertz to induce the effect of entrainment activating parasympathetic healing systems through vibratory elixirs.


How A Personal Session Works

You as the client is affixed with a pair of sound isolating headphones, upon a brief consultation. 

For 30-45 mins the client will  be guided on a special journey of enchanting music and applied frequencies based on the consultation.

As the internal mechanics of qi-healing is activated with the headphones; Chakra DJ/Kamau Gr8 Whispering Panther tunes the astral and causal aura fields with special and organic sound producing tools. This form of audio-homeopathic healing  the activates an intricate factor within the Ba (Kemetic identity of The Soul).

Aroma-Therapy and  Light-Therapy is applied to fully activate the trip each session will take you on by engaging the dopamine receptors of the brain.

To book a sound session

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Guided Meditation  Production 

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Hi Sol: The Gathering

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Hi Sol: The Gathering

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Dj Archie Angle

Kamau carries a dual cosmic energy of Ibeji or commonly known as "Gemini"..
Exercising the same principals of Cosmic Law of Positive Higher Vibration, meet his alter-ego:


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