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Through The Power of Music Heres What To Expect of Kamau the Chakra DJ

Kamau Gr8 Whispering Panther, also known as The Chakra DJ (bka Archie Angle), envisions offering his unique services as both an entertainer and a healer through the transformative power of sound. His mission extends to providing available workshops to various communities, including mental health organizations, troubled teens, enforcement agencies, public assistance programs and his fellow Brothers/Sisters-At-Arms of the U.S Military.

By harnessing the healing potential of sound and music, Kamau aims to provide a holistic approach to well-being and support to these diverse groups, fostering a sense of balance, resilience, and positive transformation in their lives.

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The Home of Kamau Suffered an Unfortunate Episode Caused by a Neighboring Fire. Any Offer Would Be Appreciated.

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Dear friends,

I'm excited to share that I'm offering monthly binaural beat & entrainment sessions on my Patreon platform, designed to activate your subconscious and conscious mind.

Each month, a new session awaits you, facilitating relaxation, focus, and mind exploration. You'll find the original mixes on my various social media outlets linked here.

Monthly subscriptions are available on Patreon, allowing you exclusive access to these and other personalized transformative experiences. Your support makes this journey possible, and I'm truly honored to share it with you.

Join me on this path of inner discovery and musical exploration.  

Safety is crucial, so please ensure a stable, stationary position during these sessions and handle devices responsibly.

Thank you for your trust, and I can't wait to embark on this musical adventure with you.

Warm regards,

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Vibrate Higher

Sound is not pure sound. It is a rapid alternation of sound and silence...Only you must remember that the crest and the trough of a wave are inseparable.”

~`Alan Watts

DJ Mixer

Special Calling to service.

Kamau Gr8 Whispering Panther, known as The Chakra DJ, has embraced his calling since a young age. His journey led him to provide a unique service of sound therapy by merging the shamanistic realm of sound and music with digital access, offering this healing art to both groups and individuals.

His profound knowledge stems from teachings by ancient wisdom keepers who practice age-old healing techniques, predating the curriculum of modern universities and harmonizing with the cosmic laws of the universe. This wisdom, shared by scholars and prophets throughout history, emphasizes the return to one's natural self. For Kamau, his greatest teacher has always been Nature, Life, and the vast university of Existence itself.

Kamau the Chakra DJ brings to the table a diverse background and an expert skill-set in sound alchemy and the science of resonance. He seamlessly weaves the lessons he's acquired through both his scholastic education and the ancient Hermetic principles of Vibration and universal frequencies into his musical sets.

Through his business entity, "hi vi Lounge," Kamau shares his craft locally and via online platforms. His core belief revolves around the idea that our mindset and daily rituals should align with the Cosmic Law of Vibration. This philosophy is vividly conveyed through his musical expressions.

When you experience Kamau the Chakra DJ's art, you will undoubtedly be captivated by the energy he brings to every endeavor.


Special Offers

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Chakra DJ's Medi Music Mixes
(avoid rigorous activities or driving while listening to these tracks)

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What Does Kamau the Chakra DJ provide?

Kamau the CHAKRA DJ aims to be a beacon of vibrational energy, ready to illuminate your festivities and events. With a deep-rooted understanding of the healing essence within music and vibration, he shares his unique gift, cultivated through personal discoveries, with you.

While Kamau thrives on the dynamic energy of large crowds enjoying his captivating Medi-Sol Session Sets, he also cherishes the intimacy of one-on-one Medi-Music Mix healing sessions. Through the art of sound manipulation, he employs wireless sound isolating headphones connected to his controller, allowing him to fine-tune your aura and biorhythms with special tuning tools. After each session, you'll experience a profound sense of elation, a harmonious spiritual alignment, and a deeper connection to yourself.

Kamau is not just a DJ but an attentive guide for your inner journey. He becomes the compassionate ear you need to listen to the whispers of your Cris' de Coeur. Regardless of the setting, every session radiates intimacy. Each encounter leads you closer to the answers you seek, or a deeper understanding of the questions that drive your exploration.

Now, in addition to his remarkable sound healing services, Kamau extends his expertise to serve a broader community. He offers workshops tailored for elderly patients dealing with dementia, providing them with a path to sound-induced healing and mental rectification. He also specializes in music sound treatment for infant development, using the power of music to enhance cognitive development. Furthermore, Kamau provides unique programs for military veterans, like himself, aimed at cognitive improvement through the therapeutic elements of sound.

For events that invite higher vibrational energy, Kamau the CHAKRA DJ is your guide. Book a sound session today to experience the profound impact of music and vibration on your journey toward healing, transformation, and spiritual elevation. Whether you're seeking to elevate a gathering, explore personal growth, or support specific communities, Kamau's sound healing services have the power to awaken, elevate, and harmonize.

-Kamau the CHAKRA DJ-
Melody Magi -
Kamau Gr8 Whispering Panther

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Concert Crowd


Chakra DJ is committed to working closely with healers to extend this gift. Chakra DJ connects with audience/clients to understand exactly what they require.

Even within a large crowd, Chakra DJ connects individually, with the use of beautiful blends and soundscapes his energy is omnipresent. 

The music he provides has aligned with his highest essence and he now provides that connection for your growth.

Chakra DJ has sharpened his expertise through both personal development, experiences and spiritual growth; all necessary for his passion which evolved his purpose.

Connect with Chakra to have your greatest expectations met.

Medi-Music MixTherapy

**Sound Healing Sessions**

Medi MusicMix Therapy is a sound healing service that offers individual and small group sessions that harness the power of applied bio-acoustic frequencies. These frequencies, whether in the form of binaural or alpha to delta soundwaves, solfeggio, or mega-hertz, are designed to induce the therapeutic effect of entrainment. By doing so, we activate your parasympathetic healing systems, promoting holistic well-being through vibratory elixirs. Various neurological studies have shown music- which is a a by-product of sounds manipulation of vibration, can be harnessed to alter brain-waves, these very brainwaves which conducts a lot of our programming from pain receptors to basic and daily habits. Medi-Music acts as a placebo for this very complex method of programming, or cognitive replacement.

**How a Personal Session Works:**

Upon your arrival, you will be personally attended to by our sound healing specialist.

Your session begins with a brief consultation to understand your unique needs and preferences.

You will then be gently outfitted with sound-isolating headphones, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the forthcoming experience.

Over the next 30-45 minutes, you will embark on a deeply enriching journey guided by enchanting music and precisely applied frequencies, tailored to your individual consultation. This experience is designed to harmonize your energetic fields, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment.

Throughout the session, Chakra DJ/Kamau Gr8 Whispering Panther skillfully employs special organic sound-producing tools to further enhance your experience. This unique form of audio-homeopathic healing activates a profound connection within your Ba, the Kemetic identity of the soul, fostering a sense of profound inner peace and unity.

As a final touch, we introduce aroma-therapy and light-therapy to fully engage your brain's dopamine receptors, heightening your overall sensory experience and enhancing the healing journey.

**To Book Your Sound Healing Session:**

To schedule your transformative sound healing session, please click the Calendly link below. We look forward to guiding you on your journey towards greater well-being and inner harmony.

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Contract for Studio, Festival & Ceremony Events

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For special events, gatherings, or ceremonies, Kamau offers an ideal opportunity for yoga studio owners to collaborate on unique and transformative yoga experiences. Say farewell to generic, one-size-fits-all streaming music selections, and embrace Kamau's ability to attune with your InnerG. He provides the soundtrack for your soul in silent yoga sessions, elevating the atmosphere to enhance your practice.

Choose Kamau, the Chakra DJ, and experience soundscapes meticulously crafted to harmonize with your inner journey. With Kamau, it's not just about a playlist; it's about inviting a spiritual symphony that aligns seamlessly with your breath and movements.

By incorporating Kamau's distinctive sound healing into your yoga studio, you'll witness your clients immersing themselves in a profound and transformative yoga experience. Partner with Kamau and embark on a harmonious journey that transcends the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Medi Music Mix Therapy Sessions to treat PTSD

In his extensive work with veterans, Kamau has witnessed remarkable transformations in their emotional well-being. Many veterans have reported reduced symptoms of anxiety and insomnia after participating in his sessions. Moreover, his sound healing approach has been recognized as a complementary therapy by many mental health professionals, promoting an integrated approach to treating PTSD. Kamau's dedication to helping veterans reclaim their inner harmony has made a profound impact on their lives, fostering resilience and hope on their path to recovery. His commitment to this healing modality is deeply personal, as he draws from the therapeutic benefits of sound that he has used for his own well-being.

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Maternity Medi Music Mix Therapy

Gestational Sound Healing:

harnesses the profound effects of music during pregnancy. Research has demonstrated that a mother's voice and intonation have a calming influence on her unborn child, shaping their auditory learning and social-emotional development. Moreover, studies suggest that music during pregnancy can leave a long-lasting impact on an unborn baby's brain, enhancing their ability to recognize melodies and rhythms even after birth. Additionally, soothing music may encourage premature babies to feed and improve vital signs, making it an exceptional choice for expectant mothers looking to enhance their connection with their unborn child."

Kamau offers specialized sound healing sessions for expectant mothers and their babies. The harmonious vibrations help with neurological development and provide a nurturing environment for both mother and child.

Maternity Medi Music Mix Therapy

Cognitive behavioral music therapy (CBMT

Certainly, here's an expanded message that includes cognitive behavioral music therapy for elderly care and dementia:

"Elderly Care and Dementia: Kamau's sound healing sessions go beyond conventional care for seniors experiencing the challenges of dementia. Through a personalized approach rooted in cognitive behavioral music therapy, Medi Music Mix Therapy sessions offer comfort, mental stimulation, and unwavering emotional support. The profound impact of dementia on memory and overall well-being and strive to provide a holistic solution is recognized.

Kamau's soothing sounds and  applied healing frequencies are thoughtfully curated to create an environment of tranquility and healing. Music has a unique ability to reach deep into the recesses of memory, rekindling moments of clarity and joy for those who are battling dementia. The cognitive behavioral music therapy sessions are tailored to each individual's unique needs, harnessing the therapeutic potential of sound and rhythm.

Beyond the calming melodies, Kamau's approach promotes cognitive engagement, helping elders maintain mental agility and cognitive function. We aim to stimulate memory recall and offer moments of respite from the challenges of dementia. Our sessions have been celebrated for their positive effects on emotional well-being, offering seniors and their families a ray of hope in their journey.

Kamau's dedication to providing specialized care for elderly individuals facing dementia stems from a deep commitment to improving their quality of life. We understand that each senior is on a unique path, and our sessions are designed to provide comfort, stimulate cognition, and offer emotional support through the incredible power of music."

This expanded message emphasizes the personalized cognitive behavioral music therapy approach and the positive impact on memory and well-being for elderly individuals experiencing dementia.

Ceremonies, Retreats andSelf Care Events

  • Women's Retreats and Sister Circles: Kamau curates specialized retreats and gatherings for women, providing a safe and empowering space for self-discovery, healing, and the nurturing of sisterhood bonds.

  • Self-Care Events: Kamau hosts self-care events that focus on nurturing the mind, body, and soul, fostering a deep sense of well-being and inner harmony. On these special events, youll get to experience Chakra’s special Delta Wave Mix sessions, where he uses music to repair while you are in “slumberland”

Medi Music/Medi-Sol: Silent Yoga Sessions

Silent Yoga Sessions: For special events, gatherings or ceremonies, if youre a studio owner, it is idea for collaborate with us for unique yoga experiences. Kamau provides the soundtrack for silent yoga sessions, creating an atmosphere that enhances your practice.

Medi Music Therapy: Silent Session

Medi Music Therapy: Kamau crafts personalized therapy sessions that use music as a powerful tool to address specific needs. Whether it's stress relief, better sleep, enhanced focus or even birthing sessions, Kamau's Medi Music Therapy can help.

Guided Meditation  Production 

Chakra DJ Production.jpg

Crafting intentional music with a profound message is Kamau's calling. He holds a deep reverence for the gentle, mellifluous, and rhythmically rich sounds that form the essence of his compositions. Drawing inspiration from the sample-laden enchantment of the Golden Age of hip-hop, his mission is to counteract the

prevailing currents in contemporary rap.

Kamau's musical journey has been shaped by luminaries spanning from J-Dilla, Boz Scaggs to Coltrane, Miles Davis to Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder to DJ Jazzy Jeff. The gospel classics of Mahaila Jackson and Marion Williams have left an indelible mark on his soul. Infused with the soulful energies of neo-soul and jazz, his music emanates a cosmic resonance.

While he has spent only a few years honing his production skills, Kamau's commitment to this art is unwavering. He holds a degree in music production and carries certifications in sound healing and music therapy. For details on his rates, please visit his service page, alongside other offerings. Kamau aspires to create a community, much like his goal of crafting music that uplifts and aligns with your unique vision.

upcoming events

Dj Archie Angle

Kamau's dynamic nature is reflected in his duality as he harmoniously balances both cosmic energies. The multifaceted qualities of his character allow him to seamlessly transition into the alter ego of Archie Angle, where he explores a different creative spectrum. Through Archie Angle, Kamau delves into the cosmic dimensions of sound and music, offering an alternative recreational experience that aligns with his commitment to positive higher vibrations. Together, Kamau and Archie Angle encapsulate the holistic essence of his artistic journey, illustrating the unity of his diverse cosmic energies.


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